Somebody say roadtrip?

Attention all interested parties:

Bridget the Midget will be "performing" at the Sirens next to my office (yeah, what's up classy office park with the strip club in the parking lot...) June 2-4.

This also coincides with the Memorial Tournament.

Anyone else just picture Vijay Singh and Bridget bumping uglies? Just me then?


Donny Farko

Alex @ Blagg Blogg roasts possibly the only guy in advertising I haven't slept with: The Deutsch Man...
So I'm supposed to go to a wedding this weekend in my hometown. Here is what that means:

a. My mother will yell at me for wearing black to a wedding, regardless of the fact that this is a late afternoon wedding.

b. I will see approximately 58 people I do not want to see, and will be forced to fake smile my way through the niceties with them OVER and OVER and OVER. Included in those people will be the wife of the guy I had an affair with in college, several ex-boyfriends and one person whom I may or may not have been arrested with my junior year for underage drinking and public consumption.

c. I will not be enjoying the Saturday afternoon sexcapades which I planned before I was reminded that I was expected to attend this fucking wedding.

If that fucking bouquet touches me, I will be forced to kill someone.


Important Work Discussion

Today we discussed the difference between synergies, aborigines and pygmies. Next up: Solving the Middle East crisis.


Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

*Spontaneously become bulimic at work.
*Avoid no less than 10 calls from former boyfriends hoping to get an easy one-nighter with a drunk/birthday-depressed Nicola.
*NOT mentioning your own birthday is today when invited by phone to someone else's birthday party next week.
*Cry when the absolute last person in the world you would ever think would remember or care about your birthday sends an email just after midnight so they can be the official first person to say happy birthday to you.
*Post to your completely forgotten/neglected blog, but refuse to take the extra 5 minutes to talk about the trip to NYC, the holiday, love life developments, etc and try to make up for the incredible lack of posting of late.

I think I'm going to go be bulimic again.

Oh, and I know it's easy to forget about other people on my birthday, but just a reminder, in case you wanted to send this person a card, it's her birthday too.


Group Hug Confessors Revealed! Issue 1


i have really nice eyes. i buy all my shirts to make my eyes look better. i love looking at my eyes in the mirror. i'm not gay, if i meet a girl with eyes as nice as mine, i'd marry her

- Christian Bale aka Patrick Bateman


My Own Personal Dave Navarro

Life is kind of boring lately without the mass quantity of pills I'd been relying on of late. My consumption level is minimal right now, but sex has been there to fill the void. (Does that qualify as addict-type behavior, substituting one vice for another? Don't worry, I'm not buying into the hype that Nicola has a "problem".) The best thing I've done lately is get back in touch with Tom, a very Dave Navarro type guy - sexy but almost coy, mesmerising in simple acts like how he smokes a cigarette, pretty but also manly. Tom and I spent many summers in a ritual of drugs and booze and sex and sleep, lazy days and party filled nights. We took a break from each other every few days, and thusly never tired of one another. Thinking of it, that is probably the closest I've ever come to a normal relationship, but the R word was never discussed. I forgot how perfect it is to lay in bed with him, the way he wraps a curl around his finger, amused at how much curlier my hair turns after sex. Sex has always been perfect with him, since the first night we met and ended up together on the living room floor in a friend's house. I was just back from my last weekend with Sean, and feeling free and relieved to not be tied to this 30-something guy I hardly knew anymore. When I decided to go out that night there was an inner sense that something amazing was going to happen, and I prepared accordingly. A long bath followed with a complete shave, I threw on a bewitching new dress that I brought home from Chicago, sans panties. Long blonde hair in messy curls, everything about me then was pink and fresh and practically glowing. Once Tom and I were introduced we didn't take our eyes off each other all night. Hours later we were tangled up on the floor, Tom's tongue sliding up my legs. He practically burst when he came to my soft, bare wetness, no panties in the way of all the things he was ready to do to me. Tom's enthusiasm for pleasing me has never ceased, if anything he continues to get better and better.

Do I sound like a soft core porn author? Maybe I sent Tom home too early...


Been Gone So Long

Apologies. Life is so crazy lately. First things first - I have a new dog, Seamus. (See below. NOW. REALLY, go look at my adorable dog!) Seamus is not the dog I originally thought I would adopt, but now that you've had a chance to see him, doesn't he just seem *perfect*?

Old Business:
Pretty much the same as it ever was.

New Business:
New links are updated, be sure to check them out.

The shopping addiction is back with a vengeance, I'd like to blame the holidays, but really the break in was just a good excuse for me to spend gobs of money under the guise of being broke anyway so why not go all out.

Nicola+NYC=Thanksgiving Weekend!

Nicola+Chicago=Post-Birthday Celebration!

Nicola+Vegas=January Hottness!

Longer/better post forthcoming.

PS Thanks for the dog name suggestions! Poor Seamus started out as "Wolfy", was a short lived "Fizz!" and has now come to accept his name sake (for those who may be wondering... it's 1 part because I live in Dublin, OH and 1 part because I'm so in love with Justin Theroux in Charlie's Angels II...)

Internet, meet Seamus. Posted by Hello


Name Me! (And win a cornucopia of fabulous prizes)
This is hopefully my new dog, if the crazy hippies from the animal sanctuary ever call me back. Right now she is named after an anime character, and there is no way I could tell people to call her that with a straight face. She is so insanely adorable, I know someone has a good name for her... I'm too tired from dealing with the insurance company to think of dog names.
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